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Customer Experience for the social sector

As social sector specialists, we understand what Customer Experience (CX) means for organisations who support the community and people experiencing challenges or disadvantage. There’s real complexity in meeting and exceeding expectations in this setting. Being boldly innovative while constrained by funding and compliance requirements feels impossible at times. But it can be done, and you can deliver something exceptional!

You’re in the ‘experience’ business

Across the globe, consumer expectations are rising exponentially. Rapid advances in technology, communication and delivery models have driven this trend over the past 10 years. Now the events of 2020/21 have put this into overdrive.

Organisations today are in the business of ‘experiences.’ Delivering meaningful and authentic experiences is what sets you apart and what keeps clients coming back. So, are you geared up to meet your client’s needs? We’re here to help you reimagine what’s possible… 

Realise your CX vision & strategy

Imagine your customer experience utopia, and build a whole of business plan to get you there.


Deliver experiences that excite

Co-create your business with your community & build new value through meaningful and authentic services & experience.

Embed a customer-centric culture

Everyone has a role to play in delivering great CX. Ensure your whole team – from frontline to the Board – is part of the solution. 

Our Net Promoter score has increased over a 3 year period pre to post CX project, from +18 to +53 as a result of this shift in delivery. Thank you Mesh!

Job Centre Australia

These powerful resources are now being used to inform and drive improvements to the local mental health system in ways that really make a difference for clients.

Outer East Primary Care Partnership

54% of customers have higher expectations for service today compared to one year ago. This percentage jumps to 66% for consumers aged from 18 to 34 years old.


We work across a range of industries but have a particular soft spot for helping businesses in Australia’s social sector.

Recognising that enhancing our customer’s experience would give us a competitive edge, we engaged Mesh to assist us in all aspects of the CX journey at Spectrum. Amy’s experience was invaluable throughout the entire change journey and she really challenged us to change our thinking and behaviours to ensure we were truly placing the customer at the centre of everything we do. We feel that we now are a step ahead of other organisations in this space and we will continue to embed our learnings to ensure we’re continually enhancing our customer’s experience at Spectrum.

Roxanne Strauss
Chief Growth Officer

The team at Mesh assisted us with our Customer Experience project, to better understand how we can make positive changes to our service delivery. Amy was wonderful to work with, thoroughly engaging, warm, and extremely knowledgeable. She facilitated a number of online workshops with our cross functional teams, to deliver a thorough Journey Mapping and Persona piece for our business.

This work enabled us to gain a deep understanding of our customer’s experience and identify opportunity to redesign our service delivery model from a ‘customer first’ perspective. Our Net Promoter score has increased over a 3 year period pre to post CX project, from +18 to +53 as a result of this shift in delivery. Thank you Amy, and Mesh!

Michelle Weaver
Head of Marketing & Communications
Job Centre Australia

National Disability Services has worked with Amy and the Mesh team in the space of Customer Experience since 2014. Together we have run short programs as well as intensive longer experiential programs. Mesh took the time to get a thorough understanding of NDS’ needs and those of the disability sector so that we could work collaboratively together to achieve great results. Mesh were always responsive to feedback that often resulted from the changing sector needs (as you would expect when a sector goes through a significant reform) which meant we consistently received exceptional feedback from all of the programs we delivered together. It has always been a pleasure working with the Mesh team.

Belinda Wallin
Transition Fund Manager
National Disability Services

The BACCO course was transformative. It was pitched at the right pace and content delivery was balanced with practical tips along the way. It’s been instrumental in shaping our approach to building a customer centric organisation. Amy brings great passion to the program and makes her corporate experience accessible to the disability services sector. The interactive workshops really got us out of our comfort zone which only led to deeper understanding of the need to ‘walk in the customers’ shoes. A fun and instructive course all round.

Hang Vo
GM Planning, Strategy & Development

Amy Whelan, Founder & Director

Tenaciously curious about what makes people tick, I’ve spent my life studying customers – what motivates them, what frustrates them, what makes them behave the way they do. There’s no rule book when it comes to client experience and I love challenging the norms, to tease out what’s possible for Mesh customers to achieve exceptional results.