Our philosophy is simple.
Love your client. Be creative. Be bold.

Mesh began in 2014, with a vision of using client experience strategy to create positive change for the community. We quickly found a focus with Australia’s rapidly changing social sector.  Since then, we’ve helped organisations large and small prepare for the customer-related changes required to be successful under the NDIS and My Aged Care. This has given us a deep understanding of the challenges facing organisations in this space, and has led on to extensive work in the Mental Health, Primary and Allied Health sectors.

The team has expertise in CX strategy, research, technology, communications, and design. We love pushing the boundaries to deliver something exceptional!

Amy Whelan

Founder & Director

Amy has an intuitive flair for CX and easily bounces between big picture strategy and hands-on design. She oversees all projects at Mesh and loves working directly with clients to share the ‘aha!’ moments and create outcomes that have real impact.

Rosemary Fisher

Strategy & Operations Facilitator

Rosemary has an incredible talent for asking the big questions to help Mesh clients envision the future. This is matched by her skills in translating strategy into tangible business plans and implementation programs.

Debbie Wood

HCD & Graphic recorder

Deb has been part of the Mesh crew since the get go. She’s worn many hats, but her greatest gift and biggest passion is graphic recording. Deb’s ability to capture complex concepts in real-time with beautiful visuals, is astounding!

Shelley Flett

Culture Coach & Facilitator

Shelley is the embodiment of great CX culture. She cares, always gives 110% and has an incredible talent for getting to the crux of an issue and finding solutions that ensure everyone feels valued.

Rowena Cheng

Culture Coach & Facilitator

In all aspects of her life, Rowena is dedicated to helping people grow professionally and personally. At Mesh she applies this to delivering impactful culture and communication training programs.